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personal investigation services
Should I trust him/her?
The only way to find out is to dig deeper, strip away the surface and reveal the truth.

Our personal investigation services is an investigation in which a private investigator reveals truthful information about an individual and can be conducted for a variety of reasons, such as locating someone, preventing an online scam, gathering evidence for a legal case, investigating infidelity, or conducting a related investigation of an employee.

Why need to investigate someone?

When engaging in online dating and cross-border collaborations with Chinese individuals, you may face numerous challenges due to cultural differences, language barriers, research costs, and significant distances. These factors can make it difficult to obtain accurate, timely, and comprehensive information, making it hard to discern hidden agendas and risks, as well as to identify the deceptive actions of scammers.

Fraudsters in the realms of online dating and e-commerce, employ false personal profiles or steal others’ identities, making vigorous efforts to disguise themselves as trustworthy and genuine. They gradually gain your trust through various deceptive tactics and methods, ultimately swindling your money. The nature of the internet and geographical distances affords them a high level of concealment. If not detected in a timely manner, this can result in significant losses. Countless overseas clients have fallen victim to Chinese dating scams and supplier frauds.

Therefore, understanding who they really are has become more critical than ever. Can you accept that your seemingly sweet, beautiful, and lovely girlfriend is, in reality, a rude man with a repulsive face and an vulgar manner? Or that the suppliers and partners you trusted suddenly vanish after you’ve sent a substantial sum of money? No, do not let these things happen!

In most cases, conducting background checks and legal recourse against Chinese individuals is exceedingly challenging for foreigners or requires a high cost. Victims can only make hollow threats to demand compensation, which is often futile, and they might not even be able to contact these individuals, let alone recover their losses. Therefore, before the potential of severe losses arises, we recommend using our personal investigation services for verification and insight into who they truly are.

See-through the lies
Get the truth

Identify risks
Determine honesty

Why choose our personal investigation services?

Our private investigation experts have twenty years of professional experience as private detectives, with a deep understanding of Chinese individuals’ dishonest behaviors and various forms of fraud. We can conduct comprehensive personal investigations on your target subjects, assisting you in identifying online dating scams and fraudulent practices by Chinese suppliers,include:

  • ■Fake profiles: Many online dating profiles are fake, and scammers may use these profiles to catfish potential victims.
  • ■Catfishing: Catfishing is when someone creates a fake online identity to deceive someone else. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as financial gain, emotional gratification, or even revenge.
  • ■Identity theft: Online dating scammers may try to steal your personal information, such as your Social Security number or credit card number.
  • ■Dating scams: There are a number of dating scams that can target online dating users. These scams can include romance scams, sugar daddy scams, and catfishing scams.

Here are some common examples of our personal investigation services:

  • ■Conducting personal background checks on online dating partners to confirm their true identities to prevent fraud;
  • ■Conducting personal background checks on partners to understand the credibility of cooperation;
  • ■Conducting checks on Chinese vendor to prevent vendor scams;
  • ■Employers hire us to conduct personal checks on potential employees;
  • ■Clients engage us to conduct personal whereabouts checks to confirm spousal infidelity;
China personal investigation services

Our personal investigation services can use a variety of covert methods, such as:

private investigation services in China
  • ■Personal information: including family situation, marital status, cell phone owner, cell phone location, call records, hotel room records, criminal records, etc.
  • ■Surveillance: This may involve following the person, monitoring their phone calls, or installing hidden cameras or microphones.
  • ■Tracking: This may involve using GPS tracking devices or monitoring the person’s social media activity.
  • ■Infiltration: This may involve posing as someone else in order to gain access to the person or their information.
  • ■Hacking: This may involve hacking into the person’s computer or phone in order to steal data.

It is important to note that personal spy on investigations can be unethical and illegal in some cases. For example, it is illegal to hack into someone’s computer or phone without their consent. It is also illegal to install hidden cameras or microphones in someone’s home without their consent.
If you are considering conducting a personal spy on investigation, you should carefully consider the ethical implications of such an investigation.

If you are in need of personal investigation services in China, Red Star Private Investigator Agency will be your best choice.

Whether you are looking for close relationships, business suppliers, hiring employees or investment cooperation in China through the Internet, our personal investigation services can check the real identity of your partner in China, better understand his or her real life situation, reveal suspicious, hidden real or illegal history will reduce the risk of your cooperation and prevent future fraud.
We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our clients’ private information to ensure that their rights and interests are best protected.

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