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Personal investigation

personal investigation services

Should I trust him/her?
The only way to find out is to dig deeper, strip away the surface and reveal the truth.

About Personal Investigation Services:

Personal investigation services are investigations by private investigators to uncover true information about an individual and are generally conducted for a variety of reasons such as locating a particular person, fraud prevention, evidence gathering, infidelity investigations, employee investigations, and so on.

Once the results of a private investigation have been obtained, you will be able to decide what steps need to be taken to resolve the distress and recover losses. Private investigators are experts in solving all kinds of problems and they will be able to provide the best feasible solutions to give effective help in your search for the truth, collection of evidence and emergency response.

Personal investigation services include a variety of methods:

Personal background tuning service is based on the clues provided by the client, through various public databases and investigation techniques, identity verification and and information search, including real identity, address information, family situation, marital status, work experience, contact information, social search, cell phone location, call records, criminal history, financial records , hidden assets, hotel records, and more; a full and thorough investigation of someone’s history to uncover any information they may be hiding. Personal background check will choose the right kind of personal background check based on your search category and the purpose of the investigation.

  • Identity Verification:

Identity verification can reveal information about a person’s true identity, as well as a wide range of information about a person, including family situation, marital status, work history, educational background, criminal records, social accounts, credit reports, background check reports, and many other types of checks.

  • Fraud Investigation:

Fraud investigations are designed to prevent fraud, whether it’s vendor fraud, online dating scams, insurance claim fraud, private investigators go about the process of conducting fraud investigations to gather and discover the true facts and truth to determine if they are serious.

  • Infidelity Investigations:

Infidelity investigations are used to expose marital infidelity and deception by collecting evidence.

  • Surveillance Investigations:

Surveillance operations involve the covert observation of individuals and locations to gather information for evidence, mostly used for a variety of legal forensic and security investigation purposes, but may also involve people following, car tracking, phone tapping, installing hidden cameras, or monitoring social media activity.

Personal background checks are an important way to find missing persons by conducting personal searches and obtaining new leads to find someone’s contact information or location.

Ensure the safety of online dating by verifying an individual’s true identity and background through background searches, verifying an individual’s true identity and background is the best way to expose scammers.

Personal background investigation

It is important to note that in some cases, private espionage investigations can be unethical and illegal. For example, it is illegal to hack into someone’s computer or cell phone without their consent. It is also illegal to install a hidden camera or microphone in someone’s home without their consent. If you need to conduct a private spy investigation, you should carefully consider the ethical implications and legal consequences of such an investigation.

Start investigating a person immediately!

See-through the lies
Get the truth

Identify risks
Determine honesty

How much does investigation of a person cost?

The cost to investigate someone is determined by the type and complexity of the investigation in each case.

Private investigation firm generally broadly categorize the types of personal investigations into information investigations that obtain data and information type and action investigations that obtain results.

According to your specific investigation requirements and purposes, we will be economically practical, fast and effective investigation methods, control the budget and costs, to provide you with the most reasonable and cost-effective investigation program to help customers solve problems.

What information do I need to provide for personal investigation?

To conduct a personal background check, you must provide basic investigation leads, so before you start a personal investigation, please make sure to collect personal information of the target person, such as name, ID card, passport number, telephone number, etc. You need to provide at least one of the valid leads.

investigation of a person

Why do you need to investigate someone in China?

When doing online dating and business cooperation, due to cultural differences, language barriers, survey costs, distance and other reasons, you may not be able to get accurate, real, timely and complete information, to see the tricks and risks, and difficult to recognize the fraudulent behavior of the scammers.

Scammers use false personal information or steal other people’s identities, try to disguise themselves to make them look real and trustworthy, step by step through various fraudulent words and means to gain your trust, and finally cheat you out of your money. The nature of the Internet and the geographical distance make them extremely stealthy, and if they are not detected in time, they may cause serious losses. Many overseas clients have experienced Chinese dating scams and vendor scams, the examples are countless.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to know who he or she is. Are you able to accept that the beautiful, lovely girlfriend who has been sweet-talking and swearing all the time is actually a rude hunk who is picking his toes? Or your vendors and partners who suddenly disappear after you send a large sum of money? No, don’t let these things happen!

In most cases, it is very difficult or costly for foreigners to conduct background checks and legal recourse against Chinese people, and victims can only demand compensation from them with empty phone calls or emails, which is pointless, and probably you can no longer reach them to recover your losses. Therefore, before potentially experiencing fraud and serious losses, we recommend that you check and verify using our personal investigation service to find out who they really are.

Why choose our personal investigation services?

Our private investigation experts have two decades of professional private detective experience, in thousands of cases of business investigation and civil investigation, we understand all kinds of dishonest behaviors and all kinds of fraud forms, we can conduct a comprehensive personal investigation on the target object to help you identify online dating fraud and China supplier fraud, including:

  • ■ False profiles:
    Many online dating profiles are fake and fraudsters may use them to confuse potential victims.
  • ■ Phishing:
    Phishing is when someone creates a false online identity to deceive others. This is done for a variety of reasons, such as financial gain, emotional fulfillment, or even revenge.
  • ■ Identity Theft:
    Online dating scammers may try to steal your personal information, such as your Social Security number or credit card number.
  • Dating scams:
    There are many dating scams that specifically target online dating users. These dating scams include love scams and online dating scams.

The following are some common examples of private investigator personal investigation services:

  • Personal identity verification of online dating partners to confirm the true identity of the other party to prevent fraud;
  • Personal and company background checks on business partners to understand the credibility of the cooperation;
  • Conducting company background checks on Chinese suppliers to prevent supplier scams;
  • Conducting surveillance checks on employees to investigate whether there are any irregularities or misconduct on the part of employees;
  • Conducting personal whereabouts checks to ascertain whether spouses are unfaithful.
private investigation services in China

If you are in need of personal investigation services, Red Star Private Detective Agency will be your best choice to investigate a person in China.

If you would like to know more about how Red Star Investigations provides personal background check and private investigation services, we are ready to advise you. Red Star Private Investigation Company is one of the best private investigators in China, and with over 20 years of experience in investigating and resolving cases, we can protect your best interests through a variety of investigative methods.

In short, whether you are looking for intimate relationships, finding suppliers, hiring employees or making investment cooperation through the Internet, our personal investigation services and business investigation services can check and investigate the real identity of the other party, better collect evidence, understand the real situation, reveal suspicious, hidden real or illegal history, will reduce the risk of your cooperation and prevent future fraud. We are committed to keeping our clients’ private information confidential to ensure the best protection of their rights and interests.

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