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Looking for someone

Looking for someone in China

Find a Missing Person

Need to find someone in China?

Are you looking for someone? Is she or he suddenly missing and uncontactable because she or he is avoiding tracking, deliberately avoiding? Or has something unexpected happened? Or, do you need to search someone’s phone number? Investigate someone’s real identity? Find someone’s location? Need to know where he/she lives? With whom?

There are many reasons to search for a missing person. Many people who suddenly disappear deliberately conceal their true identity or key information when dealing with you, and then, after achieving a certain goal, adopt a conscious concealment in order to avoid responsibility and tracing, often leaving behind very few or minimal clues to information, making it impossible for you to locate the person, contact them, or know their location and whereabouts.

search for someone

Finding someone in China can be a daunting task.

China is a vast country with a huge population, and without a lot of time, sufficient resources and a lot of experience, looking for someone in China is undoubtedly an extremely difficult and complex task. Especially when looking for people who have been missing for a long time, who have deliberately disappeared, who have deliberately hidden themselves and fled, and fraudsters with certain anti-detection skills. If you are unable to locate them, you may suffer from disappointment, worry, frustration and pain due to the inability to learn the truth, and eventually have to give up, not to mention being unable to recover what you have paid and lost.

looking for someone missing

Private Investigator looking for someone Service

How looking for someone? How do you find a missing person?

Private investigators are the best way to looking for someone, find people and locate missing persons.

Private investigators searching for missing people are part of a professional, in-depth people search service, and they have a wealth of skills in finding missing people and can provide effective solutions for finding people.

Private investigators use a wide range of search tools and resource channels to looking for someone. They can search for anyone in China by using personal information and clues such as the missing person’s name, personal background, cell phone number, China phone number, bank accounts, criminal records, marriage records, divorce records, social networks, social numbers, car license plates, etc. to search for anyone in China with pinpoint accuracy and locate the missing person.

Our looking for someone service can search for anyone in China, our people finder and missing person locator includes a variety of investigative approaches to people search work, such as background check, phone search, address search, searching people by name, reverse phone search, reverse image search, cell phone location, etc., to find the missing person’s real identity, phone number, home address, workplace, email address, social media profiles and other identifying information and contact information, and to quickly locate the person’s location, including previous address, current address, current contact information, and we can also provide a detailed report on the person’s background check.

See-through the lies
Get the truth

Identify risks
Determine honesty

If you need to looking for someone in China, search for a missing person or collect personal information, hiring China Red Star Private Investigators is the best option to help you find someone, search for a missing person and locate someone.

Our team of private investigators has huge information resources and rich investigative techniques, can search for the missing person’s relevant clue information through multiple channels, including searching for personal information, finding contact information, cell phone location query, phone call records, bank account verification, social account query, personnel on-site visits, etc., to find someone accurately and quickly, or, on someone’s real identity, cell phone phone number, family members, work address and other information is verified to ensure that customers can obtain true and accurate information to find someone, in order to solve all kinds of troubles and risks caused by the inability to find the person.

China Red Star Private Investigators can help you pinpoint someone and reveal the true identity and truth of the matter.

We have successfully helped our clients to locate a variety of missing relatives and friends, internet fraudsters, false suppliers, fugitive debtors, employees absconding with their money, product counterfeiters, identity theft legal persons, etc. in China, and provide effective advice and assistance on how to deal with the person after the client has found them.

Start looking for someone in China !

Our private investigator searching for someone service can find you:

  • Hidden crooks
  • Fugitive debtors
  • Legal persons who have committed identity theft
  • Employees who have absconded with money
  • Business partners with false identities
  • Long-lost friend
  • Old lover
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searching for people in China

Why Hire China Red Star Private Detective Agency to Find a Missing Person?

  • 20 years of rich practical experience in finding people
  • Finding people who have a success rate much higher than the industry average
  • Huge resource channels
  • Specific cost-effective and effective program
  • Trustworthy results
  • Meeting needs and striving to exceed customer expectations

How to find someone for free?

1, Online search:

The best way to find people for free is to conduct an online search using homegrown search engines in China. More than 1 billion people are Chinese internet users Internet users, which equals more than 80% of the population. Through Baidu search, enter the person’s name (Chinese characters), phone number, cell phone number, social networking number to get more clues about the person’s workplace, educational background, personal information and other information and contact information.
Although the search engine results may be confusing due to search habits and Chinese results, it will produce a large number of false leads and invalid search results, which will seriously affect the efficiency of the search. However, using a search engine to find someone is still the best way to find someone for free.

2, Social Search:

More than 80% of Chinese people access the Internet via cell phone mobile devices and use online payments, making Chinese social network incredibly instant and dynamic. From instant messaging and social platforms to e-commerce, these social communication and online shopping apps all require registration with a Chinese cell phone number, and online payments even more so require identity verification and real-name authentication.
Therefore, utilizing social network is also the best way to find people for free. There is a great deal of diversity in China’s top social media outlets, and each platform caters to a specific audience. Using Chinese social media platforms to search and verify by entering relevant information and trying to locate the person’s social media account, you can contact the person by sending a private message, leaving a message, and so on.

3, Public Records Search:

Use the public databases of Chinese government departments, enterprises, schools and other organizations to check the contact information of the person you are looking for. For example, you can query the information of a corporate legal person, including name, contact information, etc., through the Chinese government’s National Enterprise Credit Information Public Disclosure System (NECIS).

4, Other inquiry channels are also available:

The best way to find people for free is to utilize internet search engines, social media, and public records databases for a free search.

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