Infringement investigation

China Infringement investigation services

Infringement investigations help to protect businesses from the financial losses caused by counterfeiting.

Our professional anti-counterfeiting investigation team uses information collection, on-site investigation, online investigation, on-site evidence collection and other means, including:

■Identifying the infringer

■Investigate the infringer

■Investigate counterfeit production

■Counterfeit goods tracking

■Investigate the production process and sales channels of counterfeit goods

China Infringement counterfeiting investigation services

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Infringement and counterfeiting investigation services including:

  • ■Surveillance: Investigators may observe suspects to gather evidence of their activities. This may include using video surveillance, GPS tracking, or undercover officers.
  • ■Financial investigations: Investigators may trace the financial transactions of suspects to identify their sources of income and assets. This can help to identify the scope of the counterfeiting operation and to link suspects to each other.
  • ■Computer forensics: Investigators may examine computers and other electronic devices seized from suspects to uncover evidence of their counterfeiting activities. This may include emails, chat logs, and financial records.
  • ■Test purchases: Investigators may make undercover purchases of counterfeit goods to obtain physical evidence and to identify the sellers.

Once investigators have gathered sufficient evidence, they may present their findings to law enforcement for prosecution. Counterfeiters can face a variety of penalties, including fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of assets.

Here are some examples of infringement and counterfeiting investigations:

  • ■A company that produces luxury handbags hires a private investigator to investigate a website that is selling counterfeit versions of its products.
  • ■In 2021, the Chinese government launched a nationwide crackdown on counterfeiting, seizing over $1 billion in counterfeit goods and arresting over 10,000 people.
  • ■In 2020, Interpol coordinated a global operation that resulted in the seizure of over $100 million in counterfeit goods and the arrest of over 300 people.

These are just a few examples of the many counterfeiting investigations that are conducted each year around the world. Counterfeiting is a serious crime, and law enforcement and private investigators are working together to combat it and protect consumers and businesses.

China Infringement counterfeiting investigation services

Anti-counterfeiting investigation is the process of gathering evidence to identify and prosecute counterfeiters. This can involve a variety of activities, such as:

  • ■Identifying the source of counterfeit goods.
    This may involve tracking the shipment of counterfeit products, conducting digital forensics, or interviewing employees.
  • ■Determining the identity of the counterfeiters.
    This may involve analyzing financial records, conducting surveillance, or using undercover agents.
  • ■Gather evidence.
    This may include collecting physical evidence, such as samples of the counterfeit product or packaging, or electronic evidence, such as online communications between the counterfeiter and the buyer.

Once sufficient evidence has been gathered, the counterfeiters can be prosecuted. This may involve civil or criminal proceedings, depending on the specific laws of the jurisdiction.

Counterfeiting investigations can be complex and time-consuming, but they are essential for protecting consumers and businesses from harm. By following the steps above, investigators can help to shut down counterfeiting operations and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Infringement investigations are often conducted by law enforcement agencies, private investigators, or a combination of both. Law enforcement agencies have the authority to conduct searches, seizures, and arrests. Private investigators can be used to gather information and evidence that can be used by law enforcement in their investigations.

Here are some of the steps involved in anti-counterfeiting investigation:

  • 1、Collection of infringing merchants and counterfeiting factories intelligence, in-depth investigation of counterfeit products production sites and warehouses, sales processes and sales channels, various investigation and evidence collection activities for counterfeit products, and sweeping of infringing counterfeit merchants and counterfeiting factories.
  • 2、Investigation of counterfeit infringement facts and collection of relevant counterfeit infringement evidence: including the subject situation of the infringement and counterfeit perpetrators and the situation of infringement and counterfeit facts. The subject situation includes the name, gender, age, and address of the infringer (for natural persons); the name of the unit, legal representative, domicile, industry classification, registered capital, production scale, business field, marketing channel, etc. (for units); the infringement fact situation includes product name, technical information, usage, sales, promotional materials, sales quantity, sales price, sales invoice, purchase contract customer relationship, sales territory, sales time, etc.
  • 3、Cooperate with the entrusted law department, formulate the company’s anti-counterfeiting plan, lock several competitors suspected of infringement and counterfeiting, grasp the illegal and illegal acts of infringers and counterfeiters through comprehensive means such as market frontal collection and side detour investigation, investigate and grasp the illegal and criminal acts of the core or associated persons in charge of the companies involved through targeted evidence collection work, and the crackdown on them through law enforcement agencies combined with media campaigning means to crack down on them.
  • 4、Crackdown on the source of infringing and counterfeit products: Through meticulous intelligence collection and analysis, find the source (warehouse or factory) of infringing and counterfeit products, and organize enterprises and law enforcement agencies to participate in crackdown on counterfeit products through a combination of administrative and criminal means.
  • 5、Carry out anti-counterfeiting investigation and follow-up monitoring after combating counterfeit goods to prevent the resurgence of illegal acts of infringement and counterfeiting, and at the same time assist clients to complete the necessary legal procedures after combating infringing and counterfeit goods.

Red Star Detective takes cracking down on the source of counterfeit goods production as the goal of anti-counterfeiting investigations. Based on the evidence and clues of counterfeit infringement, including online and offline market monitoring and investigation and evidence collection, according to different cases, through administrative, criminal and combined civil channels, we organize Including public security, industry and commerce, patent offices, technical supervision and media and other agencies participate in anti-counterfeiting activities to eliminate the sources of counterfeiting, curb the spread of counterfeit and infringing goods, effectively control the infringement and counterfeit goods, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of right holders.

We assist rights holders to design and implement investigation and evidence collection strategies, carefully lay out the nature, quantity, and area of infringement and counterfeiting cases, arrange professional investigators to visit infringers, distributors, and suppliers, conduct an in-depth investigation, purposefully place informants or undercover agents, collect infringement and counterfeiting clues and obtain key evidence through various channels.

We have assisted many companies in conducting infringement and counterfeiting investigations that have effectively deterred the continued circulation of counterfeit goods in the marketplace and put an immediate end to commercial infringement. We have professional anti-counterfeiting investigators in China, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Foshan, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Wuxi, Xiamen, Yantai, Yiwu, etc. Please contact China Red-star private detective agency for a personalized quote or any other information you may need about our services.

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