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Infidelity investigations

Marital infidelity investigation

What is an infidelity investigations?

Infidelity is often referred to as adultery, cheating, affair, extramarital.

Infidelity investigations are investigations used by private investigators to assist their clients in determining whether or not their spouse is cheating on them, with the private investigator providing tangible video evidence that can be used to confirm suspicions or expose the truth, the

In real life, the phenomenon of cheating is widespread.

The Internet allows people to interact with strangers of the opposite sex becomes easy, dating sites, social networking APP is to become a marriage affair and derailment of the tool, in order to pursue excitement, many people even completely ignored the marriage, family, emotions, the most basic bottom line – loyalty and responsibility, coveting a moment of pleasure, with the most brutal way to hurt the life of the most The most cruel way to hurt the closest people in their lives has seriously damaged the intimate relationship, leading to the breakup of the couple’s relationship, the disintegration of the marriage and family, and even causing great harm to the children’s mind and growth.

According to statistics, about 70% of men and 50% of women will cheat at least once in their marriage. In studies on cheating, wives are 85% correct in suspecting their husbands of cheating, while husbands are 65% correct in suspecting their wives of cheating. 70% of married women and 60% of married men are unaware of their spouse’s infidelity.

Once you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful, it will be the beginning of the agony. Even more unfortunate is the fact that if you begin to suspect, then probably you are right.

Spousal infidelity will cause irreparable and immense damage to a marriage and family, causing severe trauma and upheaval for everyone in the family. For most people, one of the most painful things in life is finding out that their partner has been unfaithful. From the moment of suspicion, there is a lot of pain, mental anguish, life becomes gray, you may not even be able to focus on your work, your children, or anything else that is important to you, and things get really bad.

When marital infidelity and cheating become a problem, you need to find answers.

A marital infidelity investigation is designed to gather the facts about the affair or cheating before it is too late, to obtain evidence of infidelity, to save the marriage and the family or to protect your own legal rights in the marriage.

If you are unfortunate enough to be in this situation, don’t be sad and disappointed, Red Star Private Detective Agency can help you find out the truth of the matter. We will be respectful, friendly attitude, through professional, discreet infidelity investigation, to obtain evidence of your spouse cheating and answers, to help you understand the facts of cheating, get rid of the infidelity of the troubled, calm and rational handling of marital infidelity.

See-through the lies
Get the truth

Identify risks
Determine honesty

Common signs of marital infidelity:

Red Star Private Investigations in more than two decades of hundreds of marital investigation cases, infidelity investigators have found the most common signs of abnormal behavior and behavioral signs of marital infidelity:

■ Concerned about appearance:
Go out more concerned about dress, dress.

■ Suspicious behavior:
Use of cell phones or answer the phone and other behavioral habits have changed significantly.

■ Busy excuses:
Significant increase in the incidence of going out and working overtime.

■ Intimate Changes:
Significant decrease in communication, intimate behaviors, and frequent displays of dissatisfaction.

■ Financial Changes:
Frequent receipt of gifts, increased purchasing behavior, confidential payments and transactions.

■ Emotional changes:
Cell phone stays on, increased sensitivity, often becomes agitated and irritable at your proximity or questioning.

Adultery evidence

Why Hire Private Investigator for Marital Infidelity Investigations?

Infidelity investigations and forensics is a very secretive and professional investigation, investigating marital infidelity on your own can be a huge challenge.

You may be spooked by the lack of information resources and investigative experience. Moreover, in the course of tracking, familiar people are more likely to be discovered, and once the target’s alertness is aroused or discovered, you may lose the opportunity to obtain the truth about the infidelity. And for you, conducting your own investigation into the evidence of infidelity may add unbearable emotional and physical burdens to your life and work, causing serious impacts on your life and work.

Marital infidelity investigations services can:

  • Catch unfaithful wives cheating on their wives.
  • Capture evidence of a husband’s cheating or infidelity.
  • Expose deceptive marital relationships.
  • Eliminate the danger of marital mistresses.
  • Stopping the malicious development of marital infidelity.
  • Discouraging a mistress when necessary and possible.
  • Winning the right to speak with the truth to persuade a spouse to quit the affair game.
  • Fighting for a favorable position and more rights in a negotiated or litigated divorce.
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How to do an infidelity investigations?

A private investigator will provide an infidelity investigation program that is specific to your needs and objectives. The infidelity investigation process is:

■ Counseling Discussion:

Before private investigators start to track down the truth of infidelity, they will listen to your concerns and collect information about the case, including clues about the target’s daily activities, work situation, habits and hobbies, or suspects, which will help us to provide you with the most effective investigative actions and determine the best investigative program.

■ Tracking surveillance:

Private investigators use reasonable and effective cheating investigation program, with the most careful and professional surveillance techniques and investigative methods to monitor your unfaithful spouse, to ensure that you get the facts of cheating and evidence of infidelity.

■ Provide evidence:

After the completion of the cheating investigation, the private investigator to provide the investigation report and filming of video evidence, incontrovertible video evidence can give you peace of mind, but also for the divorce settlement agreement or court proceedings to provide support.

Marriage Cheating

We understand what a difficult decision it is for you to turn to a private investigator for infidelity investigation.

We also understand the sensitive nature of marital infidelity investigations, and our investigators will communicate with you to understand your needs and situation and provide you with the best possible investigative solution. We guarantee that your privacy will be protected to the fullest extent possible.

The expertise and extensive experience of a private investigator is crucial when investigating infidelity.

China Red Star private detective private investigation team of private investigators have extensive experience in the practice of matrimonial investigations and use the safest and strictest ethical standards and investigative techniques to provide you with the facts and evidence of marital infidelity and to ensure the truthfulness and legality of all evidence.

Through infidelity investigation by professional investigators of Red Star Detective Agency, we can help you get the facts and video evidence of your spouse’s affair and cheating. We can monitor the target’s whereabouts, investigate the mistress’s background, monitor cell phone and online chatting evidence, and all secret surveillance will be recorded.

How much does an infidelity investigations cost?

  • Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions for the most challenging affair investigations.
  • Our extramarital affair investigation fees are designed to fit the complexity and duration of each affair investigation case.
Spousal infidelity investigation
Infidelity investigations services

Why Red Star Investigators?

Friendly and respectful:
We are friendly and respectful in our services.

■ Absolute Confidentiality:
We provide the highest level of confidentiality for your privacy.

■ Lawful Discretion:
Our infidelity investigations are conducted legally and discreetly.

■ Experienced:
Benefit from our 20 years of experience in the field of private investigation.

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