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If the debtor repeatedly delays or refuses to repay, it may cause you serious financial problems. Overly accommodating the other party will continuously increase the difficulty of debt collection, lead to a constant loss of your own rights, and ultimately, the debtor may hide or flee, severing contact with you, making it difficult for you to recover your money.

At this point, you may consider hiring the Red Star Private Detective Agency to assist you in debt collection. We have an experienced debt collection team that can efficiently resolve various debt issues. Whether the debtor is in hiding, missing, or a habitual defaulter evading payments, we can provide effective debt collection solutions tailored to different debtors. We adhere to the highest ethical standards to ensure the safety of your funds!

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Red Star Private Detective can collect debt in a number of ways, including:

Locating the debtor.
If the debtor has skipped town or gone into hiding, we can use our resources to track them down. This may involve person locating, background and whereabouts investigation services..

Investigating the debtor’s assets.
Once the debtor has been located, we can investigate their assets to determine whether they have any money or property that can be used to satisfy the debt. This may involve background, whereabouts and surveillance investigation services.

Negotiating with the debtor.
Once we have a good understanding of the debtor’s financial situation, we can try to negotiate a repayment plan with the debtor. This may involve working with the debtor to develop a budget or finding a way to sell some of their assets to raise money.

In addition to these specific services, we can also provide general support and advice to creditors throughout the debt collection process. This can be helpful for creditors who are unfamiliar with the process or who are feeling overwhelmed.

Here are some specific examples of how Red Star Private Detective might collect debt:

  • ■We use surveillance to follow a debtor to their place of employment or to see if they are living beyond their means.
  • ■We might interview the debtor’s friends, family, and associates to gather information about their assets and whereabouts.
  • ■We might search public records to find the debtor’s bank accounts, real estate holdings, and other assets.
  • ■We might negotiate with the debtor on behalf of the creditor to develop a repayment plan.
  • ■We might assist the creditor with filing a lawsuit against the debtor and presenting evidence in court.
Debt collection in China
How to recover money owed in China

Why Choose Us for Debt Collection in China?

■ Respect ethics and laws.

■ Swift Debt Recovery.

■ Handling Your Debts with Effective Solutions.

■ Understanding the Debtor’s Situation is Crucial.

■ Building Customer Relationships on a Friendly and Trusting Foundation.


The debt collection services provided by Shenzhen Red Star Company are built on a foundation of legality and compliance. We assist clients or businesses in debt collection and recovery. Compared to legal litigation, our collection services are more flexible and can swiftly locate elusive debtors. We gather information on the debtor’s current situation and assets from multiple channels. We also act as intermediaries to negotiate and coordinate, employing legal, effective, and expedient actions and strategies to urge debtors to repay as soon as possible, ultimately leading to the successful recovery of the debt.

To safeguard our clients’ legal rights, our detectives conduct a thorough analysis of the debt situation before initiating the debt collection process. This ensures that we can offer the best debt collection plan. Our team actively seeks the debtor’s whereabouts through investigations, traces asset leads, and gathers information on their assets and liabilities. We establish contact with debtors and demand repayment. We employ various methods to recover the debt, tailoring the approach to your specific requirements, including but not limited to negotiation, settlement, and collection. Our professional team offers end-to-end services, including negotiations with debtors, debt repayment plans, and debt collection follow-ups.

We adhere to national laws and regulations, aiming to protect our clients’ legal debt rights. We strictly prohibit violent debt collection and avoid any actions that cross legal boundaries. We do not accept illegal, unauthorized, or unethical debts. Legality and integrity are our guiding principles and boundaries.

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