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Debt collection

China debt collection services

Debt collection - local debt collections in China.

Effective China debt collection services at the debtor's location in China.
No risk, payment only after success.

What is a debt collections agency in China?

A debt collection agency is a third-party organization that specializes in assisting individuals and businesses in recovering money owed by debtors. Debt collection agencies are entrusted and authorized by creditors to urge and collect debtors to complete their repayment obligations. If the debtor agrees to repay the debt, the creditor usually pays the debt collection agency a percentage of the amount recovered.

When to hire a Chinese collection agency?

Can’t find a missing Chinese debtor? Chinese partner not paying overdue debts? You are trying to recover the money owed by your Chinese clients but getting nowhere? Paid high legal fees, won the court case but cannot enforce outstanding debt?

In the event of any of the above scenarios, China Red Star demand repayment agency provides you with friendly debt collection services from non-litigation to litigation. As a nationwide network covering all parts of China, Red Star Debt Collection Agency collects arrears, business debt, past-due debt and ensures that your claims are paid for you in China.

How do debt collectors work in China?

China’s legal system is complex, the efficiency of court proceedings is limited, and the results of their judgments are often difficult to enforce. After you have paid high legal fees, waited for a long period of time for litigation, and won a case that cannot be enforced, you cannot get a penny.

Therefore, in China, there is a tradition of settling economic disputes and delinquent debts out of court and it is a legitimate business for private collection agencies in China to carry out debt collections. Red Star is a legitimate, honest and reliable debt collections agency. We assist you in developing and executing a local demand repayment program in China to urge debtors to fulfill their debt repayment obligations.

Our experienced and professional debt collection team has in-depth knowledge of China’s debt collections laws and regulations, and our fast and reliable, amicable or non-litigious collection programs are the most preferred option over legal action, and are the easiest and most effective for recovering unpaid debts in China.

Legal Debt Collection

Prompt Debt Recovery

What can a debt collections agency in China do?

  • Find the debtor:
    If a debtor has evaded or gone into hiding and the creditor has lost the debtor’s contact and location information, Red Star Demand Repayment Agency can locate the missing debtor. This may involve a people finder, personal investigation services.
  • ★ Property leads:
    We can search a debtor’s property trail to determine if they have other assets that can be used to pay off the debt. This may involve a personal background check, a location search, and a surveillance investigation service.
  • ★ Friendly Negotiations:
    An experienced and professional demand repayment team meets and negotiates with the debtor about paying your debt in what we consider an amicable negotiation process.
  • ★ Legal Collections:
    Demand repayment can represent the interests of creditors and visit debtors at home to communicate and negotiate plans and programs for repayment.
  • ★ Legal Prosecution:
    If all of the above out-of-court debt collection programs are unsuccessful, our attorneys can sue the debtor on behalf of the creditor.

What can’t Chinese demand repayment agencies do?

  • There are no official debt collectors in China. Chinese law gives fair and equitable treatment to legitimate debt collection, but debt collectors are prohibited from harassing, intimidating, threatening, beating and controlling debtors, as well as other illegal behaviors that disrupt public order. Illegal debt collection practices may face serious criminal penalties.
China debt collecting agency

How to collect a debt in China?

1. Contact us, provide proof of claim and communicate about your claim.

2. Let professional Red Star debt collectors handle your debt collection case.

3. The money will be paid directly into your account.

Risk-free collection of your China debt – Payment is only made upon receipt of payment.

What you need to know about demand repayment in China:

Law firms in China provide services for the judicial process of legal proceedings, and professional collection agencies provide services for the handling of non-litigation debts, including situations where property cannot be enforced after litigation.

Debt collectors in China must be authorized and work as legal citizens of China in all collection processes, and the debtor must remit debt arrears to original creditors’s account.

Suppose the following scenarios occur: (practically impossible)

  • 1, the debtor plans to use cash payment for repayment.
    It is certain that no one but the creditor himself would dare to receive the cash, which would be subject to criminal penalties in China, which could be “extortion and blackmail”. The collector is familiar with Chinese law and is unlikely to let this happen.
  • 2. The debtor plans to bribe the collector to avoid payment of the debt.
    Again, it is safe to assume that no one would dare to accept the payment, as this would also put the collector at risk of years in prison, and the collector would be unlikely to let this happen.

Therefore, No worries! There is no risk. 

Let China Red Star Debt Collection Agency start collecting your debt today!

We abide by the laws of the land and aim to protect the legal rights of our clients.

We eliminate violent demand repayment and do not do anything that touches the bottom line of the law.

We do not accept illegal, irregular, or unlawful debts.

Lawfulness and honesty are our principles and bottom line.

Debt collection in China

Red Star Debt Collection Agency‘s China demand repayment services are based on legal compliance to assist individuals or businesses with debt collections and recovery services.

Compared with legal proceedings, our debt collection program is more flexible and effective. We are able to quickly locate the disappeared debtor, understand the debtor’s assets, communicate and negotiate with the debtor as an “intermediary” on how to pay your debt as soon as possible, and legal and effective collection actions and strategies can help you urge the debtor to pay as soon as possible until you successfully recover the money owed to you.

Begin debt collection in China and start your case immediately.

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