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Company verification

Verification of Chinese company

Why verify company and check a Chinese company background ?

Most foreign companies conduct basic company verification and have a good sense of business risk prevention before cooperating with Chinese companies. They verify and review the background and credit of Chinese companies by visiting the Chinese government’s enterprise registry (SAMR of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Regulation) and the national enterprise credit publication system, checking the information of Chinese company registrations, and querying the credit reports of Chinese companies as a means of avoiding business risks.

However, when verifying a company’s background, a company’s credit report is only a basic, public government record, and this company background information is usually old, missing and inaccurate, and a large number of Chinese companies hide important and critical information in their “corporate files” and “credit reports“. A large number of Chinese companies conceal important and critical information in their “corporate files” and “credit reports” to avoid various legal risks, and falsification of business information is very common, resulting in many fake companies.

Verify Chinese companies and conducting background checks can be challenging. Overseas companies search for Chinese companies online, visit business registries, and conduct business information collection to verify company identities; obtaining information can be difficult, and language and cultural barriers can cause misunderstandings. As a result, it is often difficult to get a true picture of the Chinese company and accurate company information to recognize all kinds of false and falsified information.

Without effective China company background checks and business verification, unscrupulous Chinese suppliers and fake companies may expose your business to great risks such as corporate identity theft, collaborative business fraud, resulting in reduced revenue, decreased market share, increased operating costs, and damage to your business reputation.

Verify company and check Chinese company background are the most effective ways to minimize business risks.

verify China company

When you carry out procurement, investment, cooperation and trade with Chinese companies, verifying and confirming the accurate information of Chinese companies and Chinese suppliers as much as possible beforehand and conducting on-site inspections can greatly reduce future business risks and losses, which is the prerequisite for a safe business relationship and guaranteeing the smooth fulfillment of the business.

Company verification can detect potential problems and hidden dangers in time, eliminate fraudulent and unqualified Chinese suppliers and partners , reduce the risk of investment cooperation and business trade.

See-through the lies
Get the truth

Identify risks
Determine honesty

China Company Background Check

By verifying Chinese companies, finding and updating company information, verifying and confirming accurate company information, accurate location information, checking company numbers, company credit checks that
can help you identify potential partnership risks and supplier risks such as corporate identity theft, financial fraud, mismanagement or legal disputes.

China Company Background Verification searches for negative history of alleged infringement, fraud and other business disputes, legal proceedings and other negative history by verifying China company documents, company type, company status, China company principals, China company registry, reviewing China company’s relevant certifications and licenses, company’s history of changes, corporate identity, shareholders’ information, and company’s affiliations.

Verifying a company’s background helps you avoid working with unreliable or unethical companies, helps you make more informed choices in your business decisions, ensures the establishment of trustworthy business relationships, protects your investment and business security, and is an effective way to prevent company fraud, avoid business disputes and protect against legal risks.

China company verification

China Supplier Site Verification

China Supplier Site Verification is an on-site inspection of China company’s office address, business environment, business category, business details and supplier’s facilities and equipment, on-site inspection of company’s staff, production process, including assessment of China company’s financial status, management team and industry reputation to ensure that they and their products are up to standard.

China supplier on-site verification service, on-site inspection of Chinese companies’ business addresses, review of the actual situation on-site of Chinese factories, in the capacity of purchasing agents, commercial spies, etc., by means of undercover visits, covert filming and other professional investigative means, using audio-visual recording equipment, to truly record and investigate the actual situation of the target company, observe and assess the office environment and business conditions of the company, and to understand the operation of the company in a more comprehensive manner, from the The real information obtained from the scene can help customers judge the authenticity and stability of Chinese partners or suppliers, reduce the procurement risk, improve negotiation support, make a good business screening, strengthen business follow-up, early detection of problems can take timely measures to minimize the risk.

Field verification is the most cost-effective and effective program for supplier performance management and supply chain risk management, and is an important tool for reducing supply chain risk and ensuring product quality. China supplier site verification can verify the capabilities and qualifications of suppliers, assess supplier risk, reduce supply chain risk, ensure product quality and improve supplier performance, the use of site verification of Chinese companies can improve the success rate of your purchases and investments in China.

Verify company services can:

  • ■ Reveal hidden information:
    Company verification is a comprehensive validation and review of various details and key information of a Chinese company’s credit report.
  • ■ Discover potential problems:
    Company background verification can better identify all kinds of false exaggerations and falsified inaccurate information.
  • ■ Reduce cooperation disputes:
    Company verification improves the transparency and integrity of cooperation and transactions, and reduces the risk of contractual breaches and cooperation disputes.
verify Chinese companies

China Company Verification Services

Foreign companies doing business with China can utilize our Chinese company background verification services, and business validation solutions to validate Chinese companies and conduct comprehensive validation and verification of the backgrounds of Chinese business partners and the qualifications of Chinese suppliers.

Foreign companies doing business with China can utilize our Chinese company background verification services, and business validation solutions to validate Chinese companies and conduct comprehensive validation and verification of the backgrounds of Chinese business partners and the qualifications of Chinese suppliers.

We have access to a vast amount of official government data and private investigative resource information, providing us with an in-depth understanding of the business environment in China.

We can conduct more in-depth and comprehensive data search and background investigation on Chinese companies, digging deeper into the corporate identity, shareholder background, affiliates, business status, financial status, intellectual property rights, compliance and law-abiding, etc., to learn more about the real situation of Chinese companies.

Company validation services can provide companies with objective and accurate information on the background of the company, including business scale, core assets, intellectual property rights, administrative penalties We provide enterprises with objective and accurate corporate background information, including business scale, core assets, intellectual property rights, administrative penalties, lawsuits, etc. We understand the history of the company, its affiliates, its business status, financial status, legal risks, etc., so as to understand the real situation of the Chinese companies, to identify the real high-quality Chinese partners and suppliers, and to reduce the risk of your business, and to make sure that you are cooperating with the real, legitimate and reliable Chinese companies.

All in all, China company verification services, as well as business verification solutions, can prevent fraud and help multinational companies to avoid investment fraud, identity theft, property fraud, network fraud and other risks at an early stage, preventing your economic losses and safeguarding the safe investment of your capital and returns.

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