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China Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation Services

China counterfeit goods

China is a world leader in counterfeit and pirated products. Counterfeiting is a huge industry in China, with counterfeit goods accounting for 2.1% of total global trade, and 80% of the world’s counterfeit goods originating in China.

Counterfeiting of luxury brand products is more prevalent in China than in any other country in the world. International luxury brand products can be found in cities across China, however, many are counterfeit.

Counterfeit goods seriously damage the interests of brand owners and are a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property owners. Products that are often counterfeited include: clothing, apparel, bags, jewelry, watches, toys, electronics, and daily necessities.

china anti-counterfeiting

What is an anti-counterfeiting investigation?

Combating counterfeiting is a key component of intellectual property and brand protection services.

Anti-counterfeiting investigations and IP infringement services are typically accomplished through a partnership between experienced anti-counterfeiting investigators, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and brand owners. These professionals have in-depth knowledge of patent infringement and brand protection strategies used by counterfeiters in China, enabling them to effectively identify patent infringement and combat counterfeiting activities.

Anti-counterfeiting investigation services involve a wide range of tactics and techniques, which may include implementing advanced surveillance techniques, undercover investigations and raids, as well as working closely with law enforcement agencies to identify, crack down on, and prosecute counterfeiters to ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected to the fullest extent possible. Included:

■ Market research:

Market research involves the identification of potential counterfeiting activities and the collection of evidence of counterfeiting to support strategies and techniques for taking legal action against counterfeiters.
Market research involves surveillance operations, gathering intelligence on counterfeiters and their supply chains, collecting relevant evidence for conducting raids to seize counterfeit products, and the evidence from this research is also used to bring legal action against counterfeiters and defend intellectual property rights.

■ Premises raids:

Premises raids are a key step in anti-counterfeiting and enforcement operations, providing strong operational support through the seizure and detention of counterfeit goods and the collection of on-site evidence to support legal action against counterfeiters.
Raiding premises includes entering premises suspected of producing and storing counterfeit goods, seizing infringing products, equipment and materials, as well as actions taken to collect evidence of counterfeiting.

■ Supply chain intelligence:

Anti-counterfeiting supply chain intelligence investigations typically use sophisticated tracking and surveillance tools to identify and track the channels through which goods move throughout the counterfeit product supply chain, and supply chain intelligence can be used to identify and locate counterfeiters.
The process of supply chain intelligence investigations involves the collection and confirmation of information on the flow channels and information on counterfeit products, including the identity of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers.

Anti-counterfeiting investigation and brand protection services provide important tools in the quest to protect intellectual property and combat counterfeit products.

See-through the lies
Get the truth

Identify risks
Determine honesty

Private investigators can use a variety of anti-counterfeiting investigation techniques to IP infringement in China, including:

Private investigators can search public records, conduct personal background checks and a wide range of other investigative channels to find infringement leads, identify and confirm infringers.

Covert surveillance is an important tool in the fight against counterfeiting and infringement. Covert observation, surveillance or wiretapping of counterfeit infringers is used to find clues, counterfeit tracking and evidence collection.

  • ■ Covert Buying:

Experienced private investigators specialize in playing the roles of ordinary purchasers and customers, effectively collecting evidence of counterfeit infringement by purchasing counterfeit goods, and investigating the production process and sales channels of counterfeit goods.

WeChat has been labeled as “one of the biggest platforms for counterfeiting” in China. Social platforms are the perfect marketplace for selling counterfeits, and private investigators can track down the real people behind WeChat accounts.

Anti-counterfeiting investigators conduct on-site investigations at premises suspected of producing or selling counterfeit goods, including stores, warehouses and even homes to investigate evidence of counterfeit production and sales.

  • ■ Undercover Investigations:

Undercover investigations are an important tool in the anti-counterfeiting field. Counterfeit investigators infiltrate inside infringing organizations or groups and collect evidence of counterfeiting and infringement through secret observation and undercover work.

  • ■ Working with Attorneys:

Private investigators can work closely with attorneys to provide evidence and other support for legal action against infringing parties.

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How Foreign Companies Can Fight Chinese Counterfeit Manufacturers?

Foreign companies wanting to successfully combat Chinese counterfeit product manufacturers must be proactive, and here are some ways your organization can begin to combat the counterfeiters:

1, Register your IP in China.

  • Before you do anything else, you should register your intellectual property (IP) in China.

China, like the United States and many countries in the European Union, is a signatory to a number of international intellectual property organizations and treaties, including the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Madrid Protocol of the World Trade Organization, the Paris Convention, the Berne Convention, and others.

If you register a trademark, copyright or patent in China, you will be able to start preventing counterfeiting, trademark infringement and protecting your business interests. This is the easiest and most reliable way to ensure that your products and brands are protected from counterfeiters and fraudsters within China.

2, Identifying counterfeit manufacturers and obtaining evidence.

  • Collect samples of counterfeit products, packaging and labeling.

  • Search for information on the websites, social accounts, online stores, etc. of the manufacturers of the counterfeits.

  • Collect information such as pictures, videos, descriptions of counterfeit products.

  • Find information about complaints, reports, etc. about counterfeit manufacturers.

  • Record communication with suppliers.


  • Investigate manufacturers of counterfeit goods in China.
  • Check the qualifications of suppliers, including business licenses, production permits, etc.
  • Investigate manufacturers’ supply chains and production processes.
  • Visit the production and sales sites of counterfeit goods manufacturers to conduct on-site investigations.

Identifying counterfeit manufacturers and obtaining evidence takes a lot of effort, but it is an important way to combat counterfeiting.

3, Taking action against counterfeiting and intellectual property protection.

  • One of the best ways to combat counterfeit manufacturers is to take strong legal action. Chinese law allows criminal proceedings to be followed by civil litigation, which can result in statutory damages and permanent injunctions. If sufficient evidence has been gathered, a lawsuit can be filed in court to demand that the counterfeit manufacturer stop the infringement and pay damages for trademark infringement. Whether it is a private prosecution, civil litigation or criminal prosecution, it is vital to be informed and to have good support before taking any anti-counterfeiting measures or enforcement actions and legal measures.

Red Star Private Investigations typically works with Chinese law firms and law enforcement agencies, and we have the resources, investigative methods, and legal experience to gather evidence for your anti-counterfeiting and brand protection services, investigate and collect lead information and evidence of infringement in China’s patent infringement and anti-counterfeiting investigations, and help you to stop counterfeiting and bring infringers and counterfeiters to justice. We also work with you or your team to develop a specific plan to ensure a successful brand protection outcome.

Red Star Detective Agency takes cracking down on the source of production of counterfeit goods as the goal of anti-counterfeiting investigations, conducts market monitoring and investigations and evidence collection of counterfeit products in response to anti-counterfeiting and patent infringement clues and evidence, and organizes organizations, including the police, industry and commerce, the Patent Office, technical supervision and the media to participate in anti-counterfeiting actions by means of administrative penalties and criminal proceedings, raiding the source of counterfeiting and cracking down on the persons responsible for infringing on and counterfeiting the counterfeit goods, so that infringing on and counterfeiting the counterfeit goods.

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