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Employee Leak of Company Secrets Exposed – Red Star Detectives

Uncovering Employee’s Leak of Company Secrets to Competitors Red Star Detectives’ Case

Uncovering Employee’s Leak of Company Secrets to Competitors Red Star Detectives’ Case

Project description:


Employees leak of company secrets can harm a business. Red Star Private Detectives assisted a concerned business owner who suspected an employee was sharing company secrets with a competitor. Through an in-depth investigation, they discreetly monitored the employee’s activities and observed suspicious behaviors, including unauthorized access to non-work files and connections with the competitor. After a two-month investigation, they gathered substantial evidence, concluding that the employee had stolen confidential files and collaborated with the competitor. The business owner, satisfied with their efficiency, terminated the employee and improved information security measures.

Key Highlights:

  • A business owner suspected an employee of leaking company secrets to a competitor.
  • Red Star Private Detectives initiated an in-depth investigation, discreetly monitoring the employee.
  • Suspicious behaviors included excessive personal phone use during work hours and unauthorized access to company files.
  • Scrutinizing phone records revealed evidence of misconduct, including communication with the competitor.
  • The investigation spanned two months, resulting in substantial evidence.
  • The employee was terminated, and information security measures were enhanced to prevent future incidents.
Uncovering Employee’s Leak of Company Secrets to Competitors Red Star Detectives’ Case

Case details:

When employees leak a company’s secrets to its rivals, it’s not just harmful to the business but can also put valuable opportunities at risk. Red Star Private Detectives once received a case from a concerned business owner. He suspected that confidential information from his company had been shared with a competitor and was worried about the potential losses. The business owner sought our help to investigate the employee responsible for this leak and gather evidence to support the claim.

In response to the request, we initiated an in-depth investigation. We gathered relevant information and conducted a comprehensive background check on the employee suspected of the leak. Without raising any red flags, we discreetly monitored the employee’s daily activities and movements. After several weeks of observation, we noticed some suspicious behaviors by the employee, including:
– Frequent use of a personal phone during work hours, with numerous calls, texts, or social media interactions hinting at secretive connections with others.
– Staying at the company premises after regular working hours or visiting the company during weekends and holidays, suggesting potentially unlawful activities detrimental to the company.
– Unauthorized access to non-work-related files and applications on the company computer, indicating potential breaches of company secrets.
– Scrutinizing the employee’s phone records, we uncovered clear evidence of misconduct, such as calls to and from the competitor, communication contacts, and bank transaction records. All of this pointed to the employee’s significant wrongdoing.

Over the course of our two-month investigation, we gathered substantial evidence demonstrating that the employee had been stealing extensive confidential company files and had been communicating with competitors to disclose company secrets. It became evident that the employee had secretly collaborated with the competitor, sharing the company’s confidential information and likely profiting from it.

We meticulously organized and analyzed this evidence, resulting in a comprehensive investigative report that we promptly delivered to the business owner. He was highly satisfied with our professionalism and efficiency in gathering evidence. In response, he terminated the employee responsible for the leak and implemented enhanced information security measures within the company to prevent such incidents in the future.

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