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Frequently Asked

  • Why do you need a Private Detective Investigation?

    When looking for new partnerships, or investing in important business projects in China, lies and misinformation are everywhere, and the crisis of trust and moral hazard leads to undesirable consequences that can become costly mistakes, including loss of money, psychological trauma, and even cause untold damage to life and work. Hiring a professional Chinese private investigator can help you find key information, present the truth, and find answers to your questions, and can help you stay away from emotional fraud, avoid loss of money, and maintain peace of mind and peace of mind in your life before wasting more time and money.

  • How do Chinese private investigators charge?

    Private investigator fees and prices are the most common questions. In the face of "how much to investigate a person" "to find a person how much money" these questions, private investigators do not understand the clues, requirements, content and purpose of the investigation project, it is difficult to make a correct assessment of the cost and specific quotes. Private detective investigation costs by manpower, time, technology and other costs, as well as the investigation of the specific content of the case, the requirements and the difficulty of the investigation. We provide private detective investigation cost quote, must be based on the investigation leads provided by the customer, the relevant case, and in a clear investigation of the requirements, content and purpose of the case, based on the need to invest in time, manpower, material resources, resources and other related costs of the investigation, as well as feasible investigative plans and programs, to make a reasonable cost assessment and cost estimates. You can rest assured that: Our consultation is free of charge. We respect budgets and deadlines and will proceed with the implementation of the survey after you have agreed to the survey program. We will not accept a survey assignment from you unless we are confident that we can provide the services you require.

  • What is the process of investigation by a Chinese private detective?

    Generally speaking, the investigation process of a Chinese private detective includes: Step 1: Service consultation and case understanding: to understand the circumstances of your case and the requirements of the investigation can ensure that we can provide you with the most effective and satisfactory service. Step 2: Discuss the program and determine the cost. According to your case and the purpose of the investigation, confirm the legality and feasibility of the investigation project, assess the time and cost of the investigation, and formulate the most effective and reasonable, and cost-effective investigation program. Step 3: Payment. Pay the necessary advance fee to initiate the investigation program. Step 4: Conduct the investigation. We utilize ethical practices to ensure that our clients have nothing to worry about during and after the survey is completed. Step 5: Complete the investigation. We provide a report on the investigation project, collect the final payment for the investigation, close the case and destroy the relevant information.

  • How long has China Red Star Private Investigations been established?

    Since 2002, through thick and thin, we have gone through twenty years, Red Star Private Investigations has been adhering to the principle of integrity and caution, legal and trustworthy, dedicated, serious, attentive to the need to protect their legitimate rights and interests of people to provide assistance to solve problems for customers.

  • Do you have samples of investigation information?

    All investigation information cannot be divulged to third parties and we do not retain or provide samples of relevant investigation information.

  • Do you have investigation cases from your clients?

    We have handled a large number of private detective investigation cases for more than two decades and we do not disclose the investigation cases without the permission of our clients. Just as you would expect us to keep your investigation cases strictly confidential.

  • How to believe the findings are true?

    There is no doubt about the video photos. All findings are true and confirmed.

  • What leads and information do I need to provide?

    You need to provide basic information and valid leads on the target of the investigation, relevant case details, as well as your investigation requirements and desired outcome.

  • How long does your investigation take?

    It is only after clarifying the objectives, leads, content and program of the investigation case that we are able to predict the approximate time required for the investigation.

  • Is my investigation case confidential?

    Yes. Confidentiality is the most basic ethical requirement of a private investigator.

  • Do you contact respondents?

    Generally not, unless contact is necessary for some special private investigation.

  • Will the target of the investigation know they are being investigated?

    No. Just like in traffic, you can't tell that the unfamiliar vehicle is following you without changing lanes several times to test and confirm.

  • In which cities in China can you conduct investigations?

    Red Star Private Investigators' investigation services cover all provinces and cities in mainland China.

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