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About China Red Star

Private Detective Agency

We are located in Shenzhen, China, over the years we are committed to professional private detective investigation services, for individuals to reveal the truth of the various events that may seriously affect the life of the enterprise to provide key information that can be trusted to correctly assess business plans and decisions. We are based on the principle of lawfulness and honesty, adhere to the highest ethical standards, focusing on customer needs, always with a high degree of confidentiality to take discreet investigative action, to help individuals and businesses in question to reduce the damage and avoid risk.

  • Our team consists of dedicated from diverse backgrounds and experienced investigators with specialized skills.
  • Our reputation is built on our experienced investigative skills and ethical standards of integrity and discretion.
  • We can complete all kinds of detective investigation projects that you need in China.

See-through the lies
Get the truth

Identify risks
Determine honesty

What we do

Experienced private investigators at your service

Whether you are a company in need of a corporate investigation or a private individual in need of an investigator to help resolve a personal matter, we are here to help you. Hiring Red Star private detective will help you determine the facts and make an informed decision based on the evidence provided to you. Our investigators will always work hard to ensure that our clients get the best possible results.

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When there is a serious impact on the family marriage or personal life of private matters, through legitimate and discreet private investigation can be found and reveal the truth, to avoid becoming a victim of emotional deception and money fraud.

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Corporate investigation services can provide a more complete picture of hidden dangers from suppliers, employees or business partners, obtaining key information and truths to minimize potential risks and threats..

Private Investigation Services

personal investigation services

Personal investigation

Should I trust him/her? The only way to find out is to…

Looking for someone in China

Looking for someone

Find a Missing Person Need to find someone in China?Are you looking…

Online dating scam investigation

Romance scams

What is a romance scam? Romance scams are usually initiated on social…

Corporate Investigation Services

Verification of Chinese company

Company verification

Why verify company and check a Chinese company background ? Most foreign…

China vendor investigation

Suppliers investigation

Suppliers investigation Services Are you find Chinese suppliers?China has a well-established and…

China field checks service

Factory audit

China Factory Audit Service What is a China Factory Audit?A factory audit…

Intercept fraud

Safeguarding You from Pervasive Online Scammers and Impersonators.


If you suspect something is happening and are worried about it, it probably is.

Preventing costly mistakes

Adopt corrective actions before wasting more time and money.

Why Choose Red Star Detective Agency

Expert Investigators in China with Over 20 years of experience

If you need a reliable Chinese private detective, please contact Shenzhen Red Star Detective Agency. We offer free consultations. Whether it's a personal or corporate investigation, we are here to assist you. Once we start handling your investigation case, we will conduct a professional and efficient investigation to find answers to troubling issues or suspected events, preventing further harm to your interests.

  • We are open all day, every day all year round.
  • Our mission is to safeguard you and your company from fraud.
  • Our investigation services cover all provinces and cities in mainland China.

Happy Clients


Project Success

  • We work directly, pragmatically, to pursue excellence and avoid mediocrity.
  • Integrity is the first principle that we unconditionally adhere to and is the cornerstone of our customers and earning respect.
  • To serve our customers is the only reason for our existence, to meet the needs of our customers is the driving force of our development.
  • We focus on the needs of our clients.
    We respect the needs of each client and seek to understand their expectations and meet or exceed them.
  • Clients’ interests are of paramount importance.
    Experienced in investigations and discreet in our work, we measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Client confidentiality is essential.
    It is vital for us to conduct our investigations in a way that respects the ethical and legal application of legality.

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