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  • Red Star's Private Detective Investigation Services cover all provinces and cities in mainland China.

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Of experience in the Private Investigations

Red Star Private Detective Is

China's leading private detective agency.

For over two decades, we have been dedicated to providing genuine and verified information through professional private investigation services.

We uncover the truth behind various events that may significantly impact individuals' lives and offer businesses reliable key information to make informed assessments for their business plans and decisions.

Operating on principles of legality and integrity, we uphold the highest ethical standards, focusing on our clients' needs. We conduct discreet investigations with the utmost confidentiality, assisting individuals and businesses facing issues in discovering the facts, reducing fraud-related damages, and mitigating partnership risks.

Our Services

Private & Corporate Investigation Services
In China

personal investigation services

Personal investigation

Should I trust him/her? The only way to find out is to…

Looking for someone in China

Looking for someone

Find a Missing Person Need to find someone in China?Are you looking…

Online dating scam investigation

Romance scams

What is a romance scam? Romance scams are usually initiated on social…

Verification of Chinese company

Company verification

Why verify company and check a Chinese company background ? Most foreign…

China vendor investigation

Suppliers investigation

Suppliers investigation Services Are you find Chinese suppliers?China has a well-established and…

China field checks service

Factory audit

China Factory Audit Service What is a China Factory Audit?A factory audit…

Marital infidelity investigation

Infidelity investigations

What is an infidelity investigations? Infidelity is often referred to as adultery,…

China debt collection services

Debt collection

Debt collection - local debt collections in China. Effective China debt collection…

China Infringement investigation services


China Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation Services China counterfeit goodsChina is a world leader in…

Intercept fraud

Safeguarding You from Pervasive Online Scammers and Impersonators.


If you suspect something is happening and are worried about it, it probably is.

Preventing costly mistakes

Adopt corrective actions before wasting more time and money.


Red Star Detectives is the best private investigator in China

China Red Star Private Detectives win the trust of customers with professionalism, prudence, and integrity. We understand the responsibilities and expectations entrusted to us by customers and can complete various private and corporate investigation tasks you need, all of which are kept completely confidential.
We help you set aside worries and concerns, prevent future deception and harm, avoid financial losses, stay away from emotional fraud, and restore peace and tranquility to your life and work.

  • We focus on meeting our clients' investigative needs and aim to achieve and exceed your expectations.
  • Integrity is the first principle we unconditionally adhere to, serving as the cornerstone of earning clients' trust and respect.
  • We will not accept your assignment unless we are confident that we can provide the service you require.
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    Chinese Investigation Experts

    With over 20 years of extensive professional investigative experience, we understand various forms of fraudulent behavior and business risks.

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    Respect for Budget and Deadlines

    We create cost-effective investigation plans tailored to your needs, helping you discover and resolve current issues faster and more effectively.

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    Customer Interests are Paramount

    Serving our clients is the sole reason for our existence. We strive to understand and meet or exceed your expectations.

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